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Monopoly vs. monopoly. Apple vs. Spotify, Fortnite etc. Who’s next?

If you haven’t heard of it, Apple has to deal with yet another monopoly pretending to be an adorable small business that faces big ugly enterprise.

Epic Games is another behemoth that tries to avoid App Store fees. Their product, Fortnite, is a huge success that makes billions of dollars thanks to 400 million players around the world. According to the research by Business Of Apps, its dominance is so significant it’s as huge in games, like Netflix in VOD. Somehow Epic Games decided that they are big enough to stop paying the platform that made this success possible.

Doesn’t it sound familiar? Yes, it does! Spotify, a music streaming Goliath that has more subscribers than Apple Music and Amazon Music combined, also decided that enough is enough. Why pay the one who spent decades and billions of dollars to create a marketplace that allows anyone to release their app to millions of users worldwide? It’s for losers. Big guys shouldn’t pay.

Monopolies are bad, but in a fight where monopoly fights monopoly, there are no good guys. Regardless of the outcome, each company will continue to dominate its market. Spotify and Epic Games just fighting to dominate even more.

The case of Apple vs. Hey, the new email service from Basecamp is absolutely different. Hey is a new app that puts user privacy above everything else. So when you think of who should you root for, think twice, because Basecamp is that small adorable company that Spotify and Epic Games try to imitate.